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THP is back with another huge contest for all of our readers. This one is courtesy of OnPar GPS, the makers of that wonderful GPS that we reviewed just last week. The folks behind the brand decided that they wanted give away a brand new still sealed OnPar GPS to the readers of The Hackers Paradise. We were obviously happy to oblige and believe we came up with a fun way to go about giving this device away.

In case you missed our review of this GPS, you can read all about the unit up for grabs right here.
We are going to ask 3 questions to the readers in our forum. All 3 questions pertain to information that can be found on the website It is a scavenger hunt of sorts and you will try and find the answers and submit them via email.

Each entry that we receive with the correct answers will have a ticket go into the hat. When the end of the contest comes, we will randomly draw one of those tickets and that person will win the contest and have a brand new OnPar GPS sent to them free of charge.

Only one entry per person
Answers to questions (your entry) must be emailed to or
This deadline of this contest Tuesday November 10th, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.
You must be a registered forum member with at least 1 post to submit your entry. Registration is always fast, free, and easy.
You can register here

By entering this contest you agree to post pictures of your prize, should you win, in our Contest Winners Thread in our forum.

Enter The Contest
Click the link below to be taken to the forum thread with the 3 Questions to enter this contest.
OnPar GPS Contest Thread

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  1. Dave Schmidt says:

    What a great giveaway. I have this GPS and anybody will be happy with it. Especially for free.

  2. THP'er says:

    This and the PGA Contest at the same time. Not too shabby.

  3. Contest Winner says:

    I want to win this so badly.

  4. Lefty says:

    Awesome contest.

  5. THE ECHO says:

    You guys change the way we look at sites each and every week.

  6. Crazy Legs says:

    Love it. Love every bit of it.

  7. Jason Akrone says:

    I finished reading the review last week and got a chance to play with one. I bought it on the spot. Great write up and the winner of this contest is going to get a great gps.

  8. Andy the golfer says:

    I have been eyeing this for 6 months now. I want it.

  9. Marcus says:

    I have been looking at the site for an hour. I want this thing to make my game better.

  10. Tre J says:

    Looking forward to it. Another great prize.

  11. Kevin Anderson says:

    What a great contest.

  12. The Naz says:

    What a great GPS, packed with features!

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