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    WTB : Lh Taylormade Rsi 1 iron set

    Looking for a set of left hand rsi 1 irons , prefer regular flex steel shafts but would consider others . thanks gb
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    The BB21 is gone. Replaced by a Taylormade sim 2 max type d . The sim is just repeatable straight and deep . I t just gives me the confidence to take a rip at it and find the fairway which is far from any driver I have hit in years . The confidence to swing harder has also given me much...
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    Black is cool looking . The retailer that said they had both variable and one length sets in stock didn't have left hand . I have given up on trying to land a set and moved on sadly
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    First Look: TaylorMade SIM2 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids

    I am in love with my Sim 2 max d 3 wood . The easiest 3 wood off the deck I have ever hit . Easy to launch tuff interaction is better the the sim max 3 last year . Oh and it is dead straight . I am still waiting to try the Sim 2 Max d driver should be in any day now. I will see if it unseats my...
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    New Family of TaylorMade Spider Putters

    Just ordered a Spider Sr single bend with 5* loft & 20 gram weights . Love me some forward press. gb
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    First Look: TaylorMade SIM2 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids

    The v sole has a much improved from the previous model much easier to hit of the deck . Seeing a bit higher ball flight . I would say the distance is roughly the same that said the consistency in strike makes it a better club.
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    First Look: TaylorMade SIM2 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids

    Just took my Sim 2 max d 3 wood out this weekend for the first . Absolutely the straightest and easiest fairway to hit of the deck I have ever hit . I had the the sim 2 max d last year a nice fairway but this year the the improved sole is fantastic . I fight a fade or slice with my swing the...
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    Mizuno T Zoid Comp EZ irons

    Yeah me to . love them ..
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    I cancelled my order with Cobra today for a set of standard length 6-gw irons . At best they told me mid May. So... I found a retailer that has the both standard length and one length in stock 5-gw . What the hell I ordered a set of each . I will see what set I like and send the other back ...
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    Ordered my Lh set of Rad speed irons a little better than 3 weeks ago . now on back order .. ahh . Still have at least couple of weeks before we open here. gb
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    Nice.. Good to hear. I can use some distance not getting any younger . My current 7 iron is 135-140 ish . Playing some older Sldr irons they feel and play nice ,but the loft on the 7 iron is about 32* loft . I imagine there will be more ball speed with the power shell face and stronger lofts .
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    I just placed an order for a set of Rad speeds 6-pw,gw . I decided to go with stock Ust Recoil 460 esx , I prefer the lighter weight and have used the 460 in the past in a set of Callaway xr irons. I like the higher ball flight I get with the 460's . Should be here in a couple of weeks , but...
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    How is the pw and gap wedge for chipping and pitching around the greens ? thanks gb
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    Rad speed OL or variable length

    I am going variable length . 6-gw . I prefer the standard length in the short irons .
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    Cobra RADSPEED Irons

    How did the irons hold the green ? How would you describe the ball flight you were getting ? Thanks gb

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