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  • Yeah, been in Iowa JN! I'll get you some stuff today buddy, just let me get a bit unpacked and I'll get after it!
    Dude, I don't know how you do it but you are a fantastic photographer, every photo that's popped up here and there you've taken look amazing, keep it up!

    You got some awesome talent
    dude i don't care if you post anything, doesn't bother me. glad you could come down Sunday bro. hope you had a nice time.
    Check the Seemore site for the HC Nate!!! I couldn't resist, its stupid awesome looking IMO!
    So find out how much it would cost to ship them to me and I'll take care of it. $200 to get reshafts is steep
    I didn't want to post it in that thread, but are you as shocked as I am with the Blind9/CB3 ordeal? I dealt with the guy before, and though he kind of drug his feet on shipping my item (took about three weeks), I got it and it was fine. It just seems, a little out of character, don't you think?
    Yeah dude just a great couse and fun because it doesnt require a bunch of 300 yard tee shots which gets old to me. Fun course and in great shape too. And there was hardly anyone there so it played pretty fast too.
    Cant believe Ive never played that course before. It was in awesome condition and a ton of fun to play. We both enjoyed it a ton.
    No, not at all man. I totally get where you are coming from and why you said it, and that obviously wasn't my intentions with creating the thread and the poll. I just think it's an interesting topic and discussion from the whole "when is it ok to write something" perspective. Everything is good here. We missed out on the hard stuff. Now, I get to go work on a car and learn how to weld. Yay me! Have a good one brother.
    Thank you Nate - I love THP...I have mutual admiration for you guys here and what you do for golfers. Talking and interacting with other golfers is something I love...even better that I get paid for it! We should have left handed stuff ready to go by late April.
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